Sunday, December 11, 2011

Hudson's Week

i have always been a planner.
i think that i might be rubbing off on my kids.

on most Sunday nights you will find our family "going over the week" after we have had dinner and everything is cleaned up.
it started out that we would send the little ones all off to bed and we would plan out the week with the older 3 kids.
i would make up a really simple calender for the week that the kids could see and would have our meals planned out, appointments and special events kids really liked having that on the fridge and especially if they could see what we were having for dinner.

well after a few weeks of the little boys being sent to their room to play while we planned, rexton finally came out and asked why he and hudson didn't get to "go over their week too"? they didn't like being left out even thought there was not a lot to put on their schedules. so in an effort to include them but not have them slow down our process, they each get out a piece of paper and illustrate what they have going on {or at least what they would like to have going on}

hudson's calender for this week was deserving of being remembered.

hudson's week in pictures:
monday - cub scouts
tuesday - play basketball
wednesday - mom and hudson christmas shopping
thursday - school holiday performance
friday - play ninjago legos
saturday - aunt julie comes
sunday - church

his artwork right now is stylized after the artowrk in "diary of a wimpy kid"
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