Monday, December 7, 2009

It is beginning to look a lot like Christmas


it has been cold here.
dang cold.
ok, cold for california.
so cold my house got down to 56 degrees!
so cold my husband has been building fires like crazy.
so cold that my husband got up multiple times throughout the night to keep the fire stoked last night.

i am sure that this snow is nothing compared to states that actually get real snow.
life shuts down here in California.
schools shut down.
no one knows quite what to do with snow.

i guess the kids figured out quick what to do with it.
make snowballs and chuck them at each other.
all the snow gear came out this morning.

my kids left in scarves, mittens and hats.

when i drove by the school today even the cool junior highers were making snowmen with all the white stuff on the ground.

i am just worried about all the mandarins that are still on the trees here.
i hope that they are not all lost.
charles was bummed that school wasn't canceled.
i am off to make some yummy soup!
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Monday, October 26, 2009

The things that grandma's let them do


i consider myself a mostly fun mom.
i have to say that i am working on becoming more fun.

there is something about grandma's house where the boundries know no limits
things that grandmas not only do but encourage

hudson usually pretends that he is calvin.
not hobbes.
today was different.
he wanted to be the tiger.
i guess that grandma was all out of orange lipstick.

it stayed on a long time.
it was a little embarrassing to explain to the school nurse when he had to lift up his shirt for her.
she did have a good laugh over it.

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Sunday, October 25, 2009

Hand Dipped Peanut Butter Balls


this is a super yummy recipe.
our family has made these for years.
i remember as a little girl going out to my grandma's house and dipping christmas chocolates.
i remember my mom making them and sticking them in the freezer until she was ready to dip them.
she forgot that they are really good straight out of the freezer too.
she needed to make more.

this is a great treat to make for many occasions.
this is a great treat when you want to win friends and influence people.
this is a great treat to make with the kids.
{at least the "rolling them into little balls" part}

Hand Dipped Peanut Butter Balls
1 cup of softened butter
1 1/2 cups of peanut butter

Cream and add

2 tsp vanilla {if you have the good stuff it will make a difference here}
3 cups of powdered sugar
1/2+ powdered milk

Taste it at this point. we like ours creamy so i add more than 1/2. more like 3/4.
Roll into balls. You can stick them on a cookie sheet and freeze them first and then transfer to a freezer bag.
Dip in chocolate.

Our family uses Peter's milk chocolate when we can get it. It comes in a big 10lb block. A really good milk chocolate that you temper will work too. They fit perfect in the little mini cupcake liners.

don't blame me when you can't stop at just one.
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Saturday, October 24, 2009

100 cool

this is the FIRST year that hudson has EVER worn a costume
you can not count last year when he dressed up as calvin{from calvin and hobbes}because that is what he would do everyday.
this year was different.
this year it was his idea.
that was the key.
HIS idea.

i need to point out that his first choice was to be an onion.
you heard me right.
he even drew me very specific directions for that onion costume.{that is a post for later}
i couldn't do it.
i could not have his first real halloween costume be an onion.
this was the next best.

amazingly enough he kept it on for the entire harvest festival.
if you know this kid you would know what a huge accomplishment this is for him.
he even ate his chocolate cupcake with it on.
and his chips with hot cheese {nachos}
when we got back in the car i told him how proud i was of him for making it the whole time.
he put his hands behind his head and told me "mom, i am so cool. no, i am 100 cool"
i guess that is even better.
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oh to live in a small town

my husband and i are raising our kids in the same small town that we both grew up in.
we always knew this is where we wanted to come back to since we were first married.
there is something so charming about a small town parade.
this week is homecoming.
my husband and i are both alumni of the one and only high school in town.
the whole town comes out.
everything stops.
the kids and i enjoyed ice cream treats from the pink ice cream truck.

we admired the floats that the high school kids work so long and hard on.
i remember those days.
this elephant moved up and down and was one of the best floats that i had ever seen.

there was some sharing of treats going on with the kids.
everyone wanted a taste of everything.
i could not bring myself to try the tear jerker frozen treat.

we waited along the street for the floats, royalty, and of course the famous marching band!
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