Saturday, October 24, 2009

oh to live in a small town

my husband and i are raising our kids in the same small town that we both grew up in.
we always knew this is where we wanted to come back to since we were first married.
there is something so charming about a small town parade.
this week is homecoming.
my husband and i are both alumni of the one and only high school in town.
the whole town comes out.
everything stops.
the kids and i enjoyed ice cream treats from the pink ice cream truck.

we admired the floats that the high school kids work so long and hard on.
i remember those days.
this elephant moved up and down and was one of the best floats that i had ever seen.

there was some sharing of treats going on with the kids.
everyone wanted a taste of everything.
i could not bring myself to try the tear jerker frozen treat.

we waited along the street for the floats, royalty, and of course the famous marching band!
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  1. Ok... so are there still 2 pictures of my in the "Followers" area? huh?
    I am your very first follower. Please feel proud, 'cause I don't follow nobody else!

    Oh... Del Oro Homecoming Parade... How I miss you! Such fond memories... can't wait to be back in Loomis with a daughter attending that very school.....soon...soon...
    Love these pictures, looks like everyone had such a fun time eating yummy ice cream and watching the floats!
    If you ask Gene... that famous marching band isn't so great anymore... not since around 1981!
    We were laughing at the colorguard girls and one boy at the D.O. V. Granite Bay game... the 1 boy was funny! funny boy!
    Anyhow... great to have you back in the blogging world.

  2. Danee, your pictures are adorable! I wish we could have gone to the Homecoming parade--I hear it's great. Hopefully next year. I agree about living in this wonderful town--it's as close to my ideal town as possible!

  3. Cute new blog. My kids WISH I had bought them yummy treats from the pink ice cream truck!!