Monday, December 7, 2009

It is beginning to look a lot like Christmas


it has been cold here.
dang cold.
ok, cold for california.
so cold my house got down to 56 degrees!
so cold my husband has been building fires like crazy.
so cold that my husband got up multiple times throughout the night to keep the fire stoked last night.

i am sure that this snow is nothing compared to states that actually get real snow.
life shuts down here in California.
schools shut down.
no one knows quite what to do with snow.

i guess the kids figured out quick what to do with it.
make snowballs and chuck them at each other.
all the snow gear came out this morning.

my kids left in scarves, mittens and hats.

when i drove by the school today even the cool junior highers were making snowmen with all the white stuff on the ground.

i am just worried about all the mandarins that are still on the trees here.
i hope that they are not all lost.
charles was bummed that school wasn't canceled.
i am off to make some yummy soup!
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  1. um... I know, I know... snow in Cali is something quite special. Glad the kiddos had fun... I must laugh a tiny bit at all the snow gear that came out for 1/2 inch of snow..... I am in a rotten mood 'cause we have several FEET of the white stuff and it's still coming down and it's terrible! Chloe couldn't even drive to school in her car... she wouldn't have made it out of the neighborhood... I didn't realize we really had moved to North Dakota. It's THAT bad. And where are the snow plows?! Out dealing with the main roads and not caring one bit about the neighborhoods. Seriously... no fun.
    But, once again... YES, snow in CALI is something special!! And yes, hope those mandarines are ok. And yes, glad I'm not in labor today.

  2. oh... Gene just informed me that the plows have come through the neighborhood! That's why Chloe's car is buried....BUT it won't stop snowing, so the roads are bad again and even our driveway is bad after Gene just plowed it... it's horrible! help!!

  3. love the pics! wasn't the snow the best?! i wish it would have lasted a bit longer...
    so, how did your mandarins do? i hope they survived!