Thursday, April 8, 2010

The Food Nanny

i know that i have been m.i.a.

the computer issues that we have been having have nearly drained the life out of me.
at the computer desk i sit at right now there are 2 laptops {sick with issues}, 1 monitor, 2 desktop towers and an external hard drive.
it is like a computer graveyard over here.
since i have not had good access to my pictures i have put off posting.
well i am just going to get creative and post anyway.

this weekend was general conference for our church.
one of my 2 favorite weekends of the year.
{ the other one is when they have it again in October}
hudson calls it "pajama church" because we do not have to get dressed up to go to church and he gets to stay in his pajamas.
he even prayed for it to be "general conference this sunday"
getting dressed for church and going is not on his top list of things to do.
it is a lot better than it was.
he has cowboy boots that he gets to wear for church and that has helped ease the pain. between sessions on Saturday , Rachelle called me to have me watch a program that was being shown called the Food Nanny.
my girls and i watched the 30 minute show together.
it was a lot of fun.
she had some great ideas about dinner, family time, streamlining recipes and food preparation.
she has a book.
it is ironic that i had just seen her book sometime in that last week on someone's blog but i did not pay much attention to it then.
The Food Nanny Rescues Dinner (English)

you can watch an episode of her show on or check out her website at

on monday, brooklyn and i went thru her website and what we saw on the show and set up our next 2 weeks worth of meals.
brooklyn is using it as one of the projects that she is doing for her personal progress for young womens.
she had a great time working on it using the food nanny's method and shopping plan.
i am thrilled because the next 2 weeks worth of meals are on our calender and i do not have to think about it.
i almost always plan my menu a week at a time but rarely 2 weeks.
i am not as cool as my friend Shannon who has a whole month planned at any given moment. AMAZING!

here is the plan that we followed:
Monday - comfort food
Tuesday - Italian night
Wednesday - meatless/fish/breakfast for dinner
Thursday - Mexican
Friday - pizza
Saturday - grill
Sunday - family traditions

not that anyone is probably overly interested but here is the menu that brooklyn put together for our family for the next 2 weeks.
Monday - we had a special Sader dinner for FHE that we did not get to do on Sat
Tuesday - Chicken Fetucchini Alfredo, green salad, brocolli
Wednesday - Tuna casserole, pears {my family LOVES this - i just had a big salad that night}
Thursday - Alan's Taco Salad {had to go and rebuy my chips because my little boys got into the tortilla chips and ate them in my bed while they watched their "quiet time" movie! I was one unhappy mama when I got into bed last night!}
Friday - BBQ Chicken Pizza/Pepperoni Pizza {we are trying out the Food Nanny's whole wheat pizza dough recipe - we shall see}
Saturday - BBQ Tri tip with grilled red onions
Sunday - Honey Baked Ham {the real kind! - using a gift certificate that we got at Christmas whoo hoo}

Monday - Roasted chicken, red potatoes, green salad and applesauce
Tuesday - Spaghetti, green salad, canned pears
Wednesday - Puff Pancake with strawberries and whipped cream
Thursday - Gordita Crunch, mexican rice {brooklyn is trying to recreate something that she ate at Taco Bell - i am excited that she wants to try new things}
Friday - Homemade Pepperoni pizza
Saturday - {Emmelyne's birthday so she got to choose}
Homemade Swedish meatballs, Rice, Green Beans, Pears and Frozen Lemon Pie
Sunday - Hawaiian Haystacks

things that i have really liked about this so far: i do not have to think about dinner, i was able to shop for 2 weeks {minus the perishable stuff}, yesterday when I would have been preparing dinner I was able to make 4 loaves of whole wheat bread and honey butter, i am making some recipes that i have not made in a while, and my 13 year old is learning some homemaking skills that will benefit her for a lifetime.


  1. My friend sent me the link, and with aaron gone I have been so busy I haven't had time to check it out. But I need to. I love having things planned out.

  2. Saw her between conference Session Sat. and fell in love with her..Can't wait to try some of her recipes..what a great concept, helping others with dinnertime..sounds familiar;) her high energy, wish I had some of that..Way to go Brooklyn..Its never to early to help out in the kitchen..

  3. Way to go!! I should check it out. I've done the "Shannon" for a while, but am off of the band wagon and now deciding what's for dinner at 4:00 every night. Send Brooklyn my way!

  4. I am glad you posted your menu, because it is fun for me to see what are "family traditions".

  5. you'll have to let me know how you bbq your tri tip, i have literally set mine on fire 2 times in a row and have completely sworn off tri tip. Really, I've sworn never to make it again. I had to get the fire extinguisher out last time and I burnt the back of the house. It was traumatizing!