Tuesday, February 16, 2010

final valentine's thoughts

for the last few years i have bought the fun dips for my kid's valentine's.
they are so fun and they only get them once a year.
i had to laugh because the example valentine on the front "mike and brenda" is the same name as some of our old friends.
what is even more strange is that i saw mike 3 days ofter i bought these.
i had not seen mike in months and months.
he said they bought a box too because they just could not resist.

i have fun childhood memories with fun dips.
i am not sure how old i was.
my cousin jennifer and i walked down {were driven???? - cloudy memory} to this little liquor/candy store.
we picked out fun dips and candy cigarettes.
naughty girls.
when you put the candy cigarette in your mouth and blew on it a chalky smoke came out.
then you were left with this nasty white gum.
i can not believe that my police officer uncle would let us get it.
i can laugh now.
i probably would not laugh if my kids did it though.

after hudson finished addressing all of his valentine's he had to make one for his best friend.
no - not hobbes {he was next on the list}
rexy enjoyed the beautiful green tongue and mouth that it gave him.
he also stripped his bed and brought me his sheets to wash because it had green sprinkles on it.
he know better than to eat candy on his bed.
but he is three.
i am just proud of him that he wanted his bed stripped.
it gave him a good excuse to sleep with his brother that night until i could get everything washed.

on valentine's day we had a great breakfast with just our little family.
waffles with strawberries, fresh whipped cream, homemade maple syrup, bacon and orange juice
we had a great morning together.
when we got back from church we found that we had been "heart attacked"
we had hearts hanging from our trees and bird feeder.
our outside lights and a pathway down our hall.
there was a plate of cookies on everyone's bed.
it was a really fun surprise.
thanks grandma and grandpa.

as a side note...ALL 7 plates of cookies were gone in 24 hours.
i had 2 total.
{cookies NOT plates}
my kids and husband are closet cookie monsters.
also...no i do not let hudson wear his hat to church.
he put it on in the car afterwards.
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