Sunday, May 23, 2010

Father's Day in May

I had a brilliant idea this year. 
We celebrated Father's Day for Charles a few weeks early. 
I looked at the calender and realized that Father's Day was going to come just a few short days after Baby Davis is due. 
I do not think that I will be up for giving Charles the proper celebration that he deserves.
Trust me - he deserves it. 

So just 2 weeks after Mother's Day I found myself returning the favor to him and honoring him as the father of  our children {and soon to be children}

He actually picked out his own gift this year {very sneakily}since I am not quite sure what to get him when it comes to the bike equipment. 
He got some new toe cover thingers to keep him warm in winter.
We had to have one surprise gift so he also got a new {much needed} wallet.
The last one went thru the wash along with his cell phone and has never been the same since.

Hudson loves to wrap things and give presents. 
All on his own he wrapped up some "gifts" for dad.
One from him.
One from Hobbes.

From Him - Charles' library book that he was in the middle of reading
From Hobbes - a can of tuna of course {what else would a tiger give? duh.}

He gave all of us quite a good laugh.

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