Friday, May 21, 2010

Matching sonograms

Charles has never been one to "one up me".
This week was the exception. 
I will leave out the gorry details because that is his story to tell if he wants.

Let's just say that he got out of a whole Saturday's worth of work because he was laid out on the couch.
Let's just say that he did not really move for a good almost 24 hours.
Let's just say that he still got dressed for church and taught Gospel Doctrine.
Let's just say that despite his wife telling him that he was starting to look yellow he dismissed the comment and said that it was just the yellow tie that he was wearing.
Let's just say that the next morning he tried to ride his bike into work until his wife put a stop to that.
Let's just say that when he called the doctor to make an appointment for himself that he thought being seen in 5 days would be ok.

Here is the rest of the story {the Cliff Note version}

Danee has sonogram Monday morning to check on baby's size.
Calls Charles to tell him how it went.
Charles is feeling terrible at work and leaves to come home.
Danee calls doctor to explain how sick Charles really is. 
Gets an appointment for him within the hour.
Nurse takes one look at him and sends us to the ER.
Chuck and I wait in ER with Charles for about 9 hours until he is finally admitted.
{during which time he had a sonogram too}
Tuesday afternoon Charles has his gallbladder removed.
Wednesday evening we are discharged from the hospital.

We are grateful for good nurses and doctors who took care of us.
{By us I do mean me also - the nurses would bring me juice with hospital ice and graham crackers and make sure the my 8 1/2 month pregnant body was comfortable during our stay}

It was a little scary to see my big strong husband in a hospital bed and in so much pain. 
I was glad that our kids were well taken care of so I could be there to help him.
Let's not do that again.

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