Friday, June 11, 2010

to Walmart we must go....

So we still sit and wait for baby Davis to make an appearance.
Charles has worked from home all week since my last labor was all of 45 minutes start to finish. 
He figures that even if he is here and my water breaks he will have less than 10 minutes to get me out the door and to the hospital before the baby arrives. 
Hence the staying close to me at all times. 
It is sweet but I have to say that I have done a lot of sitting {because my feet and ankles are so swollen} and not been able to go many places. 

I was just stir crazy and we needed a serious run to Walmart before baby arrives. 
The only way that I was going to be able to survive a Walmart trip was to ride around in one of those scooters. Yep! I was that desperate to get out of the house that I was willing to subject myself to that kind of humiliation. 
Charles had the cart with Brigham as his helper and I scootered around. 
Walmart was the store of choice since our list was so big and random. It included everything from the normal milk and cheese to composition books, moisturizer, and little boy underware.

Charles insisted that Hudson needed new underware as a matter of principle more than anything else. 
He declared that it was high time I bought our 6 year old underware that was bigger than 2T. 
He was in the underware aisle when I came around the corner in my cool scooter. 
He had already chosen Spider man and had just found Toy Story 3. 
Perfect check that box. 

When we got home we gave Hudson his new packages of underware
He loved the Spider man.
Loved the Toy Story ones too. 
He pulled them out one by one so we could see all of them. 
First came Woody across the bum.
Next was a cast of characters that included Woody and Buzz and others. 

Then came something that we were not expecting. 
Something that brought a roar of laughter........

Come on? 
How often do you get to wear your little brother's name across your bum?
As soon as he saw them he said that these were for Rexton
{Rexton is actually the model in this picture}

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