Thursday, June 10, 2010

We scream for Ice Cream

Grandma and Grandpa called us after the kids got home from their last day of school to see if we wanted to go to ice cream to celebrate. Who can turn down that offer?
Not us! 
We are trying to forget about the fact that baby Davis has not made an appearance yet. 

Grandma told the kids that they could choose 1 or 2 scoops. Now that is pretty awesome. I think that the only other time that I let the kids choose more than one scoop is when Baskin Robbins has their 31 cent scoop night once a year. 
{this year at 31 cent scoop night each of my big kids got a triple scoop. I am sure glad that I only paid 93 cents for the whole cone because they chose NASTY flavors like Rainbow Nerd Sherbet}

My kids surprise me with the flavors that they choose. All big kids picked sorbets and sherbets. 
Where is the chocolate? Are you really my children?
Emmelyne did her usual trick of dropping her double scoop cone on the ground.That would be the second time in a row that happened. 

Rexton was happy with a plain "A- nilla" cone
He likes to leave the first letter off of words.

Here is the whole gang minus mom. 
I was able to have an exemption from being in the picture since today was my due date and I should not have to have my picture taken until there is a baby in my arms. 
I was exempt from the picture but NOT from eating yummy ice cream.
{note Emmelyne's boots with her shorts. She is a boot lovin girl. I will turn around many times during the summer and find her playing outside in her boots and shorts when putting flip flops on would have been much easier and COOLER. Funny girl.}

Thanks Different Grandma and Different Grandpa!

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