Monday, February 8, 2010

Love Pillow

i saw this great idea here
she really has great ideas

i combined two of her projects into one
her love pillow and the rolled flowers.
i used scraps of fabrics that i had leftover from other projects.
{that fun bird fabric is left over from making amber's hooter hider}

i used it as an object lesson for our family's "break the fast/birthday" dinner at our house on sunday
we talked about the prinicple of "loving more"
you can see the story that we read here

i made our family a pillow
but you could just use something that you already have.
or a stuffed animal {heaven knows that i had enough of those around}

i am looking forward to seeing how this little experiment works at our house.
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  1. I love your pillow! Where did you get that adorable bird fabric. Must.Have.It! Thanks for the link!