Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Choke Hold

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All 3 of my boys share a room. 
Charles and I have known from the beginning that we would like to have 1 girls room and 1 boys room. 
Kind of like the room in 7 Brides for 7 Brothers.
Our cousin {in law} grew up this way and he told us that he thinks that it one reason why all of his siblings are so close. 

It has its pro and cons. 
Yes, there is fighting about who messed things up.
Yes, the big kids have to pull more than their fair share because the little ones spend more time messing things up than cleaning it up. 
Yes, lights get turned on when older ones come in to go to bed and possibly wake up little ones.
Yes, they do ask to have THEIR OWN ROOM. 

However.....when there are moments like this I would not trade a shared room for anything. 
Rexton can usually be found in someone else's bed. 
If not Hudson's or Brigham's then the girl's will do too.

I just do not know how either one of them can sleep like that.
Especially Brigham. 
He really is a good sport.


  1. Most of my life all the girls (four of us) shared a room. It was fantastic. Yes, we asked for our own room occasionally, but in the end would not have changed anything. We are VERY close.