Wednesday, August 25, 2010

A good Idea - or so I thought

This year I was a judge for dutch oven cooking at 11 year old scout camp.
{One of the highlights of getting to be Primary President}
At the camp out I saw that one of the men there had these GINORMOUS marshmallows. 
I had never seen anything like them before.
I had to have them for our campout. 
Little did I know what a disaster that would end up being. 

SMORES are not the easiest thing to eat as it is but this was ridiculous. 
They were everywhere. 
When you ate it it looked like you were making out with a marshmallow. 
We saved the rest and brought them home to use in Rice Krispy treats.

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This one is not mine but I will claim him!
We took Brigham's great friend, Jaysen with us. 
Those boys had such a great time.
One marshmallow was enough for even the 11 year old boys!

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