Thursday, August 12, 2010

Summer Days

These two can play pretend for hours and hours.
Even though we have acres that they can go exploring on, most of their playtime is spent in the little backyard right outside my kitchen window. 
There is so much shade so it is normally pretty cool.
All they need are a few stuffed animals and the backyard can become just about anything. 
I also love that it is so close to where I usually am working that I can hear almost every word they are saying.

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As a side note - so I do not forget - this little car was bought at a garage sale and we had to get it because it had wood paneling on the sides just like the car that their dad was driving at the time. 
Charles loved his Jeep Grand Cherokee with wood paneling.
and Charles does not LOVE cars but that is a whole other story for later.

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  1. That is so sweet! Aren't you glad your kids are so close!? I love that they are still in their pajamas too. They will have good memories of playing in the backyard with each other in the PJ's for years to come. Such handsome boys!