Thursday, July 15, 2010

15 and counting

What a lucky girl I am.
I say girl because that is what I was when he found me.

15 years of marriage sounds old to me.
He asked me this morning were I thought that we would be in 15 more years.
My reply - we will probably be grandparents!

I thought that I should record for posterity 15 random things that I love about him

I love that when ever he comes home from work one of the first questions that he asks me is,"What can I do to make your life easier?"
I love that he likes to play HARD.
I love that he is an early riser.
I love that he knows Gerber Daisies make me swoon.
I love that he knows the words to SOOO many songs of all eras and styles.
I love that he wants a big family too.
I love that he "took care" of the chicken that lost its fight in the middle of the night out on our back porch before I even got up.
I love that crying babies do not phase him.
I love that he always has a quart jar of water with him at home and he doesn't mind if I steal drinks out of it.
I love that he "tries" to put his dirty socks in the laundry.
I love that he only eats a half a stick of gum because a whole one is just too strong.
I love how faithful he is to me.
I love that he would stop and get me a whole bag of Sonic ice for me after I had Eliza.
I love that he told me I could run to our room and shut the door anytime I needed to the week after I had Eliza and he would take care of everything.
I love that he stayed home this morning to make me french toast with strawberries and sausage.

Thank you sweetheart for 15 wonderful years - here is to many many many more.
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  1. Happy 15 years to the cutest couple in the world!
    It has been such fun knowing you just before you got married and seeing you start your beautiful family...then watching it grow and grow and grow....!!!
    Yes, yes, you two were married before Gene and I- and it's been fun sharing experiences and trials and such with ya along the way! (and having babies together! lots and lots of babies!)
    Congrats to us all for making 15 years!! It does seem like a lot, 'cause it is! Yay us!
    Remember our first Thanksgiving together as married couples?? My pumpkin pie was squishy in the middle, but it was still fun. :)
    Happy 15 years to you two!! You have such fun history together! You guys rock!
    Gene and I will catch up in 3 short months....
    Love ya!