Monday, July 12, 2010

R is for running continued.....

This is a boy who does not like to lose. Although he does not look ready to run a mile this is very typical Hudson attire. He laid down on the track multiple times a bit tired.

This is just after Miss Emmelyne crossed the finish line. She was the first kid to finish. This girl likes to run. She has been the winner multiple times at school when they do the Pumpkin Run or the Christmas/Holiday Run or the Jog -a Thon. Great job Emmelyne!

Here is Charles with little Rexton legs right behind him {look closely and you will see Rexton's legs}

Here is my favorite picture from the night. Yes it is blurry but that is only because he was running so fast that I couldn't get him. I love the look on his face. Look at that form. Hudson you rock buddy!
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  1. Good Job kids! Emmelyne was our most ardent hiker a few weeks ago at Activity Days. We did the short version, then she asked when we were going to do the rest of the hike! Oh to be 9 again!

  2. loved the new posts! the running activity looked like a lot of fun, as did the girls' camp, the ice cream and the last day of school. I'm sure Eliza will make her debut on the blog shortly.

    fun stuff!! we miss you guys!