Saturday, July 24, 2010

"G" is for Grandpa's Birthday Bash

Different Grandpa reached a big milestone this week. We will not say which one it was to protect the innocent but lets just say Brooklyn was busy cutting out a lot of Sevens and Zeros.
We invited grandma and grandpa over for Chinese Night in honor of his Chinese birthplace.
Brooklyn worked hard making decorations. 

We ate Orange Chicken, Chow Mein, sticky white rice, egg rolls for dinner. 
The kids had worked on picking lots of blackberries to make Grandpa a blackberry cobbler. I told them that if they picked enough for me then I would even make homemade ice cream. It was all so yummy.

During dinner we had grandpa answer trivia questions about the 1940's. Him and grandma were a good team.
After dessert we had 2 other games. 
Guess how many Milk Duds {one of grandpa's favorite candies}were in the jar. Too bad Dad did not pay attention and ate some out of the jar before the game even started.
Then some participated in a game to see who could handle having the most Altoids in their mouth before it burned up. That one was kind of a dud since I guess that they did not get very hot. Grandpa always has a tin of Altoids at his house.

We are so lucky to have a grandpa who loves to play with the kids, read with the kids, and just hang out with them. We love you Different Grandpa! 
{Look how cool he is - Eliza is spitting up all over his hand and he is not even phased by it.}

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