Wednesday, July 21, 2010

C is for cousin's play

Most of the exciting and fun things that we have going on this summer revolve around our "ABC summer" or the summer goals that the kids have set. The cousin's play fit in both of these categories. Brooklyn's goal was to direct a play that all the cousins could be in. She found the play in a great little book that I got as a baby present with tons of summer ideas. I was really proud of how hard Brooklyn worked putting this together. She sent emails inviting all the cousins to come and participate. She printed up the script, divided out all the parts and put them in envelopes for all of them. She decided on the play, "The 3 little pigs". She had made 3 house out of cardboard and covered them in butcher paper so that the kids could help in creating the scenes.She also painted up paper plates masks for the kids to use for their costume. It was simple and so perfect. 
The kids all met at grandma's house for the afternoon to practice their parts.
All of our family met back together for picnic dinners and a show to follow.It was so fun to see all of the cousins together and helping one another with their parts.
My little pig Rex who was very concerned about his nose falling off and I guess that is what made him go cross eyed. A trick his father is unable to do.

Brooklyn helping the littlest cousins {minus babies} to practice
Grandma Alisa let us move the room all around and use the red rug to create a stage. Isabelle told grandma that we really needed to have curtains too. So grandma was quick to think of a way to accommodate with a few white sheets and some tacks.

Kaden and Emmelyne working on the house of sticks
Isabelle, Hudson and Austin working on the house of bricks.

I must admit, we have quite a few "hams" in the family. I am so glad that Aunt Jeri ran back to get her video camera and the Aunt Michelle was already prepared with hers.

Loved how the cousins "buddied up"made sure the little ones did it right. 
The heavy sticks that Hudson pretended to carry were just too heavy to stay standing. He really got into. It was a side of Hudson that we had not seen before.
The Big bad wolf coming on stage and all of the pigs in their house and one mysterious baby who wanted to be on stage too.

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