Saturday, July 10, 2010

Girl's Camp 2010

I sent Brooklyn off for a week at Girl's camp. At least last year I was able to go for the first 3 days so it made it a little easier on me {she was fine - who am I kidding}.

This year the girls went to a new camp. New to her - Old school to me. They attended camp at Treasure Mountain where I spent all 6 of my Girl's camp years. It was so fun to be able to picture where she was at and get her excited for the wonderful place that it is. They have made some changes since I was there over 20 years ago. The biggest one being the addition of the "yerts" . A cross between a tent and a cabin with bunk beds and a 14 person capacity. How fun.

Brooklyn was so excited to go. She is always up for adventure. I was able to sneak in some special surprises into her daypack before she left. I had wrapped up some small surprises for her to open everyday that had a little thought with each one. When she returned home she told me how much she loved them and how fun they were for her. My heart leapt for joy that she did not think that I was too nerdy and that she was not too cool.

She had a great week. She had great leaders. She can not wait for next year.

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  1. Yay! I miss girls camp! I'm planning on going the year after next when I have no babies and am not nursing and not pregnant...we'll see how that plan works out for me! haha. It looks like almost everyone had a great time. I'm glad they are back at Treasure Mountain too!