Sunday, July 18, 2010

My 15 year anniversary present.......

After 15 years of marriage to this guy I guess that I should not have been too surprised at my anniversary gift. I will say that it was incredibly sentimental as it did have something to do with the number 15.
It was NOT a gift card for 15 massages.
It was NOT a coupon for him to do 15 loads of laundry for me.
It was NOT a ring with 15 diamonds.

No this is something WAY cooler and WAY better.

A 15 passenger Van!!!!!

I say that a little bit tongue and cheek.
I knew this was coming.
I knew that it is what he and the kids wanted more than anything.
I knew that I had been out voted on the Suburban. 
I knew that this was inevitable.

It was still a bit of a shock when you see it in YOUR driveway and realize how huge it is. 
This really is the only option for our growing family.
I can not bring myself to take a picture of the outside. 
It is mechanically sound.
I have to remind myself of that. 
I will try to forget about the wobbly drivers seat and the other cosmetic imperfections and 
be thankful that it is paid for. 
Thank you Dave Ramsey :)

Honestly the look on their faces when they get to go in the "Party Van" is priceless. They LOVE it. 
Rexton reminded us 
"Dis is a party van but it don't have no balloons in it"

This is the van with 2 full bench seats MISSING!
It was able to take 10 of us camping!
I am sure that there will be MANY years of great memories in this van. 

Thanks Honey!

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